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Une critique de la Fast Fashion

It’s a crew of very good people, mostly women, formed in the United Kingdom in the sad memory of the collapse of the Rana Plaza of Savar, West suburb of Dacca, in Bangladesh. On this April 24th, 2013, the catastrophe made more than one thousand victims and raised awareness of what is behind the fast-fashion, all this industry, fed by our compulsive purchase habits, which contribute to the degradation of humanity.


Fashion Revolutionaries invite consum’ actors, fashion fans and all holders of Instagram accounts to challenge the brands. In that respect, they change the world, and I love the initiative!

Wear your T-shirt, your sweatshirt or your panties with the visible label and use #whomademyclothes. You can also pull out the tongue!


To support this initiative, and make a contribution to the Slow fashion industry, here are some photos of our tailors, because we want to show you who, at TheFrenchKiss, actually made your clothes: Roselyne, Annie, Jeannine and others…. and all this in Vendée, with love!!


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