it all

started with

a lipstick Kiss

on a tee-shirt…

TFK Eco-fashion made in France


Bamboo & Natural fibres Selected on their softness


We look for the softest natural and green fibres, four the skin well-being, and to take better care of Earth. Of course, we leave enough bamboo sticks for Pandas!

100% French tailoring Design, tailoring, print and Kiss are 100% French


We design each piece in our Bureau de Style in Paris, then we cut, tailor and print in French workshops (Vendée, Paris, Savoie, etc.). We want to promote the French know-how, and the #FashionRevolution.

100% French fabric


Made in France know-how The softest clothes, with perfect finish!


We work with premium maisons with years of experience. Our tailors put their knowledge at the service of TheFrenchKiss to make perfect finish pieces.

TheFrenchKiss The symbol of "à la Française" seduction


The Kiss, red, like the first FrenchKiss with lipstick on a t-shirt. The leopard Kiss, the PopArt Kiss, the Splash Kiss… All designs are available on each piece (men, women, tank top and bag)

Mahayanna_TheFrenchKiss_Box (1)

History of the FrenchKiss Why is the Kiss so French


The first Homo-Sapiens were licking each other’s faces to get the salt… Discover the history of the FrenchKiss and why French do stick in the tongues so well!

Agathe, first FrenchKisser Designer and FrenchKiss Expert


    A first FrenchKiss on Pablo’s t-shirt five years ago, a lot of energy and some deep passion for travelling, and artichokes, TheFrenchKiss was born in 2014 after a funny Kiss story…

Keep Kissing:-*

They wear the Kiss and it fits them perfectly! Our favorite FrenchKissers into pics…

They speak about TFK

Kiss XSmall

I love it! I’m on my bike all day and at night, it feels like I haven’t event sweat

Sophie S